The beautiful John W. Garvy School of today has had a steady and remarkable growth since the spring of 1935 when the ground was broken for the central unit of the present building.

The land on which it stands had to be cleared before building this school.  The present Norwood Heights Evangelical Congregational Church which had been at the corner of Foster Ave. and 67th Court (now Oak Park Ave.) since 1926 was moved to 5400 N. Newland Ave.  A two story dwelling was also moved to 5318 N. Oak Park Ave.

The doors of the new school, called the Foster and Oak Park Ave. School opened on October 26, 1936 as a branch of the Norwood Park School.  It had four classrooms and an office on the first floor and two finished rooms on the second floor.  The seventh and eighth grade students went to Norwood Park School.

On February 1, 1940 the school became a separate unit and Miss Rose A. Clark was assigned as the principal of the Foster and Oak Park Ave. School.

The school was named the John W. Garvy School at the May 8, 1940 meeting of the Board of Education.

The south wing was added in 1947 and gave the overcrowded school three classrooms, a gymnasium and an adjustment room.

In February 1953, the north wing was finished including eight classrooms, a library, a home-mechanics room and an auditorium.

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